is a company that was created by JB Berns', whom Fitness Magazine called one of America's Top Personal Trainers.  The Company creates and develops fitness programs for the group fitness and home fitness markets. 

Our latest projects include (which are sold via infomercial's, websites, catalogs and websites): Jackie Chan Cableflex Sculpting System

JB Berns' Fitness Programs:
JB Berns
Urban Rebounding
Urban Rebounding Kids
JB Berns CableFlex System
JB Berns Deante Dance System
Rehab Your Body At Home
The Isometric Total Body Workout
The Perfect Martial Arts Workout
Urban Rebounding Gym

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JB Berns has a long background in the martial arts, yoga, personal and wellness training, and developing exercise systems.  He was named by Fitness Magazine in 1999 as one of the top 10 personal trainers in the nation.  

While recovering from a knee injury, he used his 20-plus years of martial arts experience to develop the low-impact Urban Rebounder exercise system, selling millions and having Consumer Reports call it one of their top 100 products in 2008.  

JB Berns is the the author of the book; Do It or Age Quickly. He also creator of the Urban Rebounder:  An Exercise for the New Millennium and has appeared on many television programs such as The Today Show, CNN, CBS, NBC, The View, and The Doctors.

Please visit: www.jbberns.com

GYM Urban Rebounding for Adults

is a group fitness and in-home fitness program that is in over 3000 gyms worldwide and in tens of thousands of homes.  The Urban Rebounding Workout has been ranked by New York Magazine as one of the top workouts in the country.  Urban Rebounding has been featured on the Today Show, The View, CNN, Lifetime, Headline News, etc. There is a library of 24 different videos and DVD's available for purchase, including 4 kids bound videos/DVD's. 

Please visit: www.urbanrebounding.com

Urban Rebounding Kids

KIDS BOUND is the kids version of the URBAN REBOUNDING PROGRAM, there are 4 kids bound dvds/vhs; first timers, basic, intermediate and advanced. the kids are exercising and having FUN and their feet barely leave the mat, they don't bounce high they bounce strong, limiting their propulsion, pushing down with their feet rather than jumping up.

Please Visit: www.urbanreboundingkids.com

J.B. Berns' CableFlex System

Put the FUN back in Fitness with JB Berns CableFlex System. 10 minute Total Body Workout! … It’s more like a party than exercising! JB Berns … 1 of America’s Top 10 Personal Trainers. Awesome Music! Fun, Fast, and Effective!

Please visit: www.cableflex.com

J.B. Berns' Deante Dance System

The Deante Dance technique is a compilation of both percussive and liquid movements that strengthen and support your core, while lengthening and elongating your entire body. The movement is a combination of contractions, curves, spirals and strikes that move in a fluid, yet rhythmic pattern of dynamic choreography. Inspired by the shapes and forms found in both the Lester Horton & Martha Graham technique, Deante Dance is a unique fusion of all styles of dance with a contemporary twist

Please visit: www.deantedance.com

“Aches and pains in joints or muscles are no fun. Whether you consult a doctor, chiropractor, or physical therapist, you’re likely to spend hours with rehabilitation equipment and hundreds of dollars on appointments, therapies and drugs. "Rehab Your Body At Home" changes all of that. “

Please visit: www.rehabyourbodyathome.com

is seven, 15 minute, muscle building workouts that were created by renowned fitness trainer JB Berns, whom Fitness Magazine has voted as one of America's Top Ten Personal Trainers.

The workouts do not use weights, props or fitness machines. Burn fat and build muscle while you follow JB to a stronger more defined body. All you will ever need to get in shape and stay in shape are these heart-pumping sculpting and toning workouts. Participants will finally look forward to exercise because the “THE ISOMETRIC TOTAL BODY WORKOUT™ SYSTEM” is easy and people get quick visible results in an environment of safe exercise protocol. There are no difficult postures, no jarring movements, gimmicky props, magic pills or starvation diets.

Please Visit: www.theisometricworkout.com

The Perfect Martial Arts Workout

The workout that is performed has not been deviated from it’s initial creation many decades ago.... even the very apparel that was worn has been kept to the tradition. Every posture or movement that is performed has some kind of martial application which is reviewed after the workout.

THE PERFECT MARTIAL ARTS WORKOUT is for intermediate to advanced exercise enthusiasts, dancers, athletes and martial artists. Many of the postures are contraindicated and ballistic in their movements and could potentially cause injury to the beginner.

Please be reminded that the Perfect Martial Arts Workout is not an instructional video. The series of movements are a total body workout and lasts about thirty minutes. It is recommended that you watch the workout in it’s entirety before participating.

Please visit: www.perfectmartialartsworkout.com